Our largest project with over 23 million trees planted so far


We are working to restore both the coastal Mangrove population as well as the in-land tree species. By doing this, we are providing hundreds of jobs, thousands of hours of employment, and restoring countless habitats for wildlife. In addition to employment, we are committed to providing education to the local communities in order to ensure that these problems don’t arise again.

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Why Madagascar?

Planting Trees in Madagascar

One of the poorest countries in the world, Madagascar has faced a drastic change within its forest system over the past several decades. Due to extreme poverty, many villagers have been compelled to cut down entire forests to use as fuel, wood for construction, or to clear land for agriculture. Only four decades ago, Madagascar’s coastal estuaries were covered in healthy mangrove trees numbering in the billions.

tentree is working closely with our reforestation partner to replenish the mangrove trees along the west coast estuaries. We are committed to planting hundreds of thousands of mangrove trees at the Mahabana Estuary, 65 kilometres south of the port city of Mahajunga. This area is known for its complex ecosystem, including hundreds of meandering mangrove channels.

Throughout the project, local workers have become much more skilled and self-sufficient. Many can afford to send their children to the new school in Mahabana, and are finally able to pay for healthier food, decent clothes, and affordable healthcare.

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