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Buy 2 items from the Earth Month Collection & get a pack of 3-Bottle Daily Socks in Foliage Camo
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An enamel camping mug that reads 'big change starts small'.

More Than Just a T-Shirt

It's more than just a t-shirt, mug, or hoodie. Our ethically made tees and hoodies are made with the best sustainable fabrics and materials. Good for you and the planet, so you can be proud to wear your support.

Wear the Earth

We believe Earth should be celebrated every day. Our Earth capsule represents the idea that big change starts small and every individual can contribute to a Climate+ future.

A tentree shirt that reads 'one world = one climate' on the back.

The Impact Of a Tree

Trees are the lungs of our world connecting us to every creature on Earth. Through your actions you are helping to reforest the planet, protect ecosystems and create a Climate+ future for everyone.

A small tree image.


Trees Planted to Date